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Desam Solid

Desam Solid

An ultimate hygienic protection

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A multipurpose universal powdered disinfectant based on an effect of Chlorine Dioxide. New modern formula for the ultimate hygienic protection in healthcare, agriculture and public hygiene sector.


Active ingredients:

In situ generated chlorine dioxide 


Spectrum of effectivness:

Bactericidal (incl. TBC), virucidal (incl. HIV/HBV), fungicidal, sporicidal


Istruction for use:





Application area:

  • all washable surfaces
  • objects, utensils, dishes
  • clothes
  • sinks, toilet bowls
  • drinking water
  • fruit and vegetable


Microbiological activity:




Microbiological activity of CEN standards:

  • Microbiological activity - accredited laboratory Chemila, s.r.o., Hodonín (EN 13727, EN 1276, EN 14476, EN 13624, EN 1650, EN 14348, EN 1304)
  • Examination of product in contact with water - Institute of Public Health in Ostrava
  • Examination of product for disinfection of vegetable and fruit - SZU in Prague

Expiry date:

 12 months


Pack size:

7,5 g sachet (60 sachets in paper box)





Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.