115 years of building know-how

Bochemie has been building its know- how for over 115 years. During that time, we have managed to get a position as one of the strongest European producers of branded products, specialty chemicals and disinfectants and detergents.  And thanks to our long-term intensive research and development, we have become a leading producer of advanced chemical products that flexibly adapt to the current needs of our customers.

First international success

In 1904, a predecessor of Bochemie – a company by the name of Österreichisches Chemikalienwerk Rudolf Goldschmidt & Comp. was founded.  Over the years we have gradually engaged in the production of tar and zinc paints and polysilicon.  Our chemists were also able to develop chloramine.  Among our most important products ever since undoubtedly is aspirin and the artificial sweetener saccharin that succeeded on a global scale, and even before the war, had been exported worldwide.  During the Great Depression in the twenties, there was a dramatic reduction in the number of employees.  However, the company managed to respond by carrying out thorough market research and changing the product range to better correspond to the former customer’s requirements.  That effective strategy has brought back new business development.  More information about this period and a detailed history of the company can be found here. 

Successful 60´s

A crucial event in the post-war history of the company was establishing a research centre in the early sixties.  In 1967 we started the production of Feropur that is still ongoing, and this product for the treatment of metals has been increasingly used worldwide with great success. A substantial part of the production then formed accumulators.

Entering new markets

In the nineties, new owners made a number of acquisitions, extended the product portfolio, and Bochemie entered new markets, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe.  We also started to supply the entire sections for batteries.  The SAVO brand, the production of which we launched in 1973, has grown significantly, and gradually developed a wide range of cleaning and household disinfectants.  We managed to build a strong brand that has gained a large market share in Central European countries.  The culmination of the success and recognition of many years of work by BOCHEMIE’s employees was its subsequent sale to Unilever in 2013.

Bochemie´s history – timeline



A crucial role in the activities of Bochemie has always been research and development.   Recent achievements include the development of technology for the production of zinc oxide nanoform that is of great importance in terms of environmental protection.  There are applications, especially in the rubber industry, that can replace the classic ZnO with 4x smaller amounts of our product whilst maintaining or even improving the functional properties.  We test, however the functional properties of the developed material also in other application sectors (plastics, paints, filters, cosmetics, etc.).  We have developed a unique technology of zinc oxide production with an extremely high surface area.  Thanks to its parameters, the product is among the most advanced nanomaterials.  For more information about this product see BOCHEMIE - Custom Research and Development. 

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