Brand-new BOCHEMIT Pyro – effective wood fire protection

In the event of fire, it is important for all persons to evacuate the building as quickly as possible. The aim is to save life and property to the greatest possible extent. The evacuation time is dependent on the fire performance of the materials used in the building’s construction.

The brand-new Bochemit Pyro delays flashover, reduces the development of smoke and prevents burning particles from being released that could spread the fire.

Bochemit Pyro lets you protect wood, wooden fixtures of built structures and other wood-based materials to be built into or already built into building interiors. This easy-to-apply colourless water-based concentrate can be coated on by absolutely anyone.

Fire prevention should not be underestimated - after all, wood fires can cause much greater damage than wood treatment input costs. Fire-protected wood also has an unlimited protective lifetime.

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