Our objectives

Chairman´s message

"Since the company foundation (in 1904), we have been constantly demonstrating our ability to flexibly change and respond to the needs of our customers and the society.  Thanks to our experience and knowledge in the chemical industry field we are able to bring them effective and beneficial solutions.  However, yet more apparent is the future scarcity of raw materials and energy resources - and their waste – and is being noted across all industries.  Common sense combined with the high professionalism of our employees leads us to seek opportunities for further development of BOCHEMIE in the recycling of used materials and their transformation into products with high added value for our customers.  We try to "look at things differently." By finding smart, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, we expect not only commercial success, but also our contribution to the improvement and long-term sustainability of the environment and quality of life." 
Ing. Miloslav Vodička

Focused on Research & Development

The long-term success of our company history represents for us a commitment and also an immense wealth of work experience that we intend to fully utilize.  We use this obtained knowledge not only in the traditional areas of our production and always keep searching for new and innovative solutions for completely new fields of activity.

Research projects 

We are building on our past efforts in environmental projects and expanding these activities.  For waste we seek opportunities of new uses and possibilities of getting valuable raw materials for further use in  production. We are developing new technologies not only for the chemical industry that saves natural resources and contribute to their rehabilitation.  In connection with environmental projects we create a platform where information and cooperation is exchanged between state authorities, scientific institutions and our company.

Our objective is:

  • finding new solutions through new technologies and product innovations
  • responsible approach to the environment
  • expansion into new areas and new markets
  • mutually beneficial cooperation with business partners

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Ing. Magda Macháňová
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