From cleaning agents to recycling of rocket fuel

Throughout our history, the company was engaged in very diverse production.  Our wide range of products includes saccharin, tar and zinc paints, agents against bed bugs, mantles for gas lamps or polycrystalline silicon. Our experienced chemists were able to deal with the development of the technology for the production of chloramines and aspirin. The company brought to the market a successful brand named Savo and built a position as one of the strongest Central European producers of branded household products.  We have been celebrating the success for nearly 50 years, also in preparations for the treatment of metals.  Our product FEROPUR is used worldwide.  Most of our production are also accumulator masses which we deliver to the biggest American, European, Asian and Arab producers of pocket batteries. Our latest success, among many others, is the production of zinc nanooxide and production of ammonium perchlorate recycled from used rocket fuel.


Working with rocket fuel is a challenge for us. Thanks to the invention of a new technology for recycling of ammonium perchlorate from expired fuel, we, in cooperation with Eruca, rescue one thousand tons of that valuable raw material annually. Our recycling technology is environmentally friendly, and is a competitive alternative to traditional combustion.

What we have achieved

Our first global successes include the artificial sweetener saccharin, and one of the most widely used drugs ever - aspirin.  We exported these products to the whole world even before the war.  This was followed by tremendous success of the Savo brand through which we managed to create a new product category of anti-mold agents.  Savo has grown into a wide range of detergents and disinfectants for households, and gained a dominant position in the markets of many countries of the Central and Eastern Europe. We had  great success with our disinfecting agents for healthcare (Chloramine, Septoderm, Desam, Despray, Chiroseptol and Chirosan. Our integrated range of products for healthcare applications gained a quarter share in the markets of the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland, and managed to penetrate the markets of Turkey and Vietnam.

Did you know that ...


sheets bleached with Savo Perex would 40 times wrap the equator?

we have disinfected as much drinking water that would be enough for the Czech Republic for 23 years?



using FEROPUR , we have treated so many wires that would reach from the Earth to the moon and still  wrap it 7 times?


we have used Bochemit to treat so many cubic meters of timber that we could build a wooden border 1m wide and 0.5 meters high that would run along the Great Wall of China?

we export products to 29 countries on 3 continents, in addition to most European countries and the USA, our products have gained even Asian markets such as Turkey, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, China and India?


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