WHAT = Hydal’s Story

Hydal means nature

"I am made from waste. I was fried as a vegetable oil and therefore served my purpose. I became waste. This made me harmful (e.g. as sewage). But I was given a second chance. Czech-based Hydal Biotechnology got me back into circulation. I was turned from waste into a PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) biopolymer.  That is  how I got my name - Hydal.


I was made by nature - by bacteria that have been in our ecosystem for millions of years. I am a biomaterial that can replace micro-fuels and synthetic plastics. I will not generate any waste - I will decompose in the soil, in fresh water and sea water, and in CO₂. Nature is perfect and is capable of reusing (recycling) whatever it produces. Micro-organisms (other bacteria) and other organisms feed on PHA, using it as an energy source.”


PHA is a family of biopolymers called polyhydroxyalkanoates (hence the abbreviation PHA). It is the only group of polymers converted directly by microorganisms from waste materials into their final form, making it unique to polymers from renewable sources. The P3HB that we produce enjoys a unique position in the PHA family, as it is completely biodegradable and biocompatible. Monomers are part of our body’s metabolism. This means that polymers and monomers can not only be used in bioplastics, but are also used in tissue engineering, medicine and cosmetics. 

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