About private labels

In the production of detergents and disinfectants, we offer various forms of cooperation to business partners.

We are ready to

  • deliver final products under your label by our quality, trusted proven formulas
  • produce products according to your own formula
  • develop a formula based on your specific requirements for quality and price of the product 

We provide consultations

We will also gladly provide consulting and advisory services regarding the trends on the market with detergents and disinfectants, draft design and choice of packaging for your product, or processing the documentation to your products required by legislation.

Standards required

The production capacities of our company comply with the standards ISO 9001, ISO 13475 and ISO 14001, as well as with the Global Standard for Consumer Products Issue 3 demonstrated by the BRC Certification by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited.  In accordance with the requirements of these standards, we have created and applied the integrated management system.

Bochemie Cleaning and disinfecting agents, private labels

Private label category

We offer production of private labels particularly in the following categories:

  • sodium hypochlorite-based disinfectants and detergents
  • disinfectants based on quaternary ammonium salts (KAS ), acids, alcohols, active oxygen, aldehydes
  • detergents and cleaning products including abrasive ones
  • liquid soaps ( cosmetic surfactant preparations), including professional bulk packages intended for refilling dispensers


Research and development has always formed the backbone of our company's production.  We managed to develop and produce a series of successful products, many of which took a dominant market position in many European countries, and even determined the future shape of the entire product category. Such a product is undoubtedly the cleaning and disinfecting agent Savo.

Production for Unilever:

  • SAVO against moulds
  • SAVO WC – four types based on different active matters
  • SAVO Original, Prim, Perex, Razant – disinfecting and bleaching agents
  • SAVO chlorine-free cleaning agents

Production for Schulke:

  • Chloramine - universal disinfectant based on active chlorine
  • Desam - disinfection & cleaning of surfaces
  • Desprej - disinfecting agent suitable for disinfection of small surfaces and objects by spraying
  • Septoderm - disinfecting agent intended for hygienic and surgical disinfection of hands
  • Chirox - disinfection of animal homes and aids
  • Chirosan - disinfectant based on active oxygen


Bochemie is not the owner of these brands and products. If you have any questions, please contact directly their owners.

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