Nickel hydroxide powder

Nickel hydroxide


Nickel hydroxide powder - Ni(OH)2 is used for the production of positive masses of Ni-Cd a Ni-Fe batteries designed mainly for tablet pressing.


Nickel hydroxide - chemical formula Ni(OH)2


  • fine powder of green colour
  • insoluble in water, soluble in acids

See more details, method of determining the content of individual matters, etc. - in the corporate standard PND 50-2121-04/2004.

Quality markSizeValue
a) Chemical features
    Content of nickel and cobalt (Ni + Co)%min. 57,5
    Iron content (Fe)%max. 0,045
    Copper content (Cu)%max. 0,02
    Calcium content (Ca)%max. 0,24
    Magnesium content (Mg)%max. 0,12
    Sulphates (SO3)%max. 0,59
    Zinc content (Zn)%max. 0,50
b) Physical features
    Residue on 1 mm sieve%je sledováno
    Residue on 0.355 mm sieve%je sledováno
    Throughs 0.063 mm%je sledováno
    Powder sledováno
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