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Metal Surface Treatment

Fluxes, Zinc Chloride and Additives

Hot dip galvanizing (HDG)

Fluxy kapalné 

Product Characteristics Application
BOFLUX 50  Flux in solution ready made in ratio of 28/22 - zinc chloride/ammonium chloride. Flux for Dry Galvanizing Process which can be used directly or mixed with water to get the required concentration. Used for start- up or regular addition of the flux bath for batch, general, small parts, pipe and wire galvanizing. 4,8 – 7,2/t of galvanized material
BOFLUX SX BOFLUX SX Flux in solution ready made on customer request. 4,8 – 7,2/t galvanized material

Additives to Liquid Fluxes

Product Characteristics Application
BOFLUX ZDC Special additive in powder used for flux bath acid correction. 4 – 6 %     
BOFLUX WA Special additive in liquid form used in highly concentrated flux bath for the surface tension reduction and an immediate wetting of the surfaces. 0,3 %

Zinc Chloride – ZnCl2 

Product Characteristics
ZnCl2 min 98% ZnCl2 anhydrous
ZnCl2/A min 99% ZnCl2 anhydrous for special applications
ZnCl2/S45 45% ZnCl2 in solution
ZnCl2/S63 63% ZnCl2 in solution

Zn Waste Collection and Processing

  • Zn Stripping solution
  • Zn Ashes
  • Other suitable Zn Waste

Materials for download:

Material Safety Data Sheet and Technical sheet in English available upon request, please contact our Customer Service.

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