Zinc chloride

Zinc chloride, anhydrous

Zinc chloride is a crystalline, hydroscopic powder of white or slightly greyish colour. The substance is odourless, well soluble in water, in alcohols, ether, glycerine and acetone. This high quality product can be made in anhydrous form (i.e. free flowing) or in solution at a concentration of at least 45 %.

Main use of zinc chloride:

  • as an electrolyte in the production of dry galvanic cells
  • in surface treatment of metals for preparation of melting baths (fluxes), especially in hot-dip galvanizing and electroplating
  • in chemical syntheses, production of soldering pastes and solutions, tin coating and production of ion exchangers
Parameter max./min. Value (%)
Zinc chloride min. 98
oxychlorides (as ZnO) max. 0,8
sulphates (SO4)-2 max. 0,03
Insoluble residue in HCl max. 0,01
alkali (K+,Na+,Ca2+) max. 1,0
Iron max. 0,002
Lead max. 0,002
Copper max. 0,001
Cadmium max. 0,001
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