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Nano Zinc Oxide

For nearly half a century, our company has been engaged in zinc chemistry, and in recent years it has been developing serious efforts to become a significant producer of zinc nanooxide.
This is an advanced type of zinc oxide that is currently among the most promising nanomaterials.  The growing interest in it is based on its unique functional properties (antimicrobial, antifouling, vulcanizing, anticorrosive, photo-catalytic, UV protection, piezoelectric, etc.).
In terms of research and development, we in Bochemie developed a unique production technology of nanoZnO with extremely high surface area. The resulting technology is environmentally friendly, and thanks to its parameters, the product is among the most advanced nanomaterials.

Technical specifications of Bochemie a.s. high-surface nano ZnO (nZ-BOCH 01) - powder form
Crystalline phase 100 % ZnO XRD
Size of primary particles - crystallites 13 ± 2 nm XRD
Size of primary particles (D50 Number) 10 - 11 nm XDC
Particle size (D50 Number) 21 - 23 nm CPS
Specific surface size 90 - 110 m2/g BET
Particle shape (see the picture) Closely - spherical   HRTEM
Content of Cl- < 0,1 hm. % argentometry
Sample colouring creamy   visual assessment
Upon request, we are able to prepare nanoZnO- with greater particle size
nZ-BOCH 02 (D50 Number) 31 nm CPS
- other surface sizes
  60 - 120 m2/g BET






The functional properties of the developed material are tested in different application sectors (plastics, paints, filters, cosmetics, etc.). The tests are performed directly at our industrial partners, or in collaboration with prominent experts from academic sphere. Compared to the classical oxide, our nanoZnO is more environmentally friendly.  There are applications, especially in the rubber industry, that can replace the classic ZnO with 4x smaller amounts of our product whilst maintaining or even improving the functional properties. Our product is, in addition to its parameters and due to the resulting functional qualities, interesting from the viewpoint of easy availability and affordable price.
Besides the nanoZnO powder form, we developed three types of aqueous dispersions (differing in the nanoZnO content and the type of the dispersant system), and one organic dispersion (PMA solvent).

Technical specification of Bochemie a.s. nano ZnO aqueous dispersion (nZ-BOCH 01 type 202)
Content of nanoZnO 40 mass %  
Content of dispersants 33 mass %  


Particle size (D50 Number) 29 nm DLS
Zeta potential -35,8 mV  


pH 10    

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