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Protection and impregnation of wood

Bochemit Estetik

Main benefits of Bochemit Estetik
Penetration, hydrophobic, protective oil impregnation agent for timber

Penetration, hydrophobic, protective oil impregnation agent for timber designed for timber coating both in the exterior and interior. Product to be used for protection of timber from UV radiation and water penetration. It does not crack and peel off and provides perfect protection from moisture. It is designed for timber impregnation for industrial production or of the for craft works.

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Sampler of Bochemit Estetik


Perfect systém for timber protection


Treat timber before the application of Bochemit Estetik with any of the biocide impregnation agents series Bochemit (clear variants) in order to INCREASE THE TIMBER PROTECTION from ligniperdous fungi and insects.:

Preventative long lasting protection against mildew, timber-destroying fungi, and insects.


BOCHEMIT ESTETIK can be applied after a perfect drying of fungicidal impregnation which depends on temperature and moisture content in the air and lasts commonly 4 to 24 hours. These two steps result in perfect protection of your timber.


The decorative and cover paint for timber in exterior and interior.


For decoration paint finish of timber, timber constructions, construction parts, and other timberen elements such as fences, pergolas, garden furniture, house lining, and cottages. It is designed for use both in interior and exterior.


Stir thoroughly before use! The product is not for diluting. It is applied by painting. Use a brush or roller for the application of Bochemit Estetik on clean, dry, well grinded timber free from resins residues in the fibre direction. The paint application on subjects is performed in 1 to 2 layers, outdoor paint applications require 2 to 3 layers according to the base absorption level. The interval between the applications of individual layers is 6–16 hours. Touch dry after 6 hours, thoroughly dry after 24 hours. Apply only during dry weather and at temperatures from +10 to +23 °C. In case of renovation paints applied on timber, grind lightly. Prior to cleaning of the working tools, remove as much paint as possible and then wash with degreasing agents.


The product penetrates deep in the timber structure, highlights its lines, and provides the required shade. It forms mat surfaces which are simply renewable without the necessity to remove the original coat. It does not crack or peel off. Colour, type of base, and number of paint finishes affecting the final shade.


1 l = 6 až 12 m2 (depending on the absorbency of the wood and the number of layers)


1 l 

Shelf life:  

36 months

Material Safety Data Sheet and Technical sheet in English available upon request, please contact our Customer Service.
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