Bochemit Plus I APP – ready to use

Bochemit Plus I APP - eradication of ligniperdous insects, do not dilute

Insecticide agent for the treatment of infested wood with wood-destroying insects (woodworm, pin-hole borer, longhorn beetle, ants, horntail, etc.) in all their development stages (egg, nymph, cocoon, adults) in the infested wood. The agent is also used for subsequent preventative protection of wood against wood-destroying insects.


For surface impregnation of cut timber, roof-frames, and other construction timber during the constructions and reconstructions in interiors (application class 1 and 2 as per EN 335). It can be used even in case, when timber reconstruction is necessary due to wood-destroying insect infestation in combination with preventative protection against wood-destroying insect. After drying, it is possible to use cover paints.


Do not dilute! Shake before use! It is applied with spraying.


The product is absorbed in wood, it does not form a layer on the treated wood surface, the treated wood does not smell and it maintains its natural appearance. The agent is transparent and it does not cause timber yellow shade.

Indication colour:

  • colorless


  • 1 kg = 10 m2

Active substances:



Life span of performed protection:

Considering the agent character, we assume the protection service life:

  • use class 1 and 2 (interior) – no less than 10 years, then inspection in two year intervals

Type classification as per standard + EN 49 0600 – 1:

IP, 1, 2, S


500 g

Shelf life:

24 months

Recommended concentrations of the working solutions and minimum consumption
of Bochemit Plus I APP

Application class according to EN 335 Min. concentrate intake Application method
Disposal of insect – interior and exterior 600 ml/m2 spraying (2x)
Prevention – interior (1–2) 100 ml/m2 spraying (1x)

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Materials for download: 

Material Safety Data Sheet in English available upon request, please contact our Customer Service.

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