Bochemit for industrial wood processing

Agents for pressure-vacuum impregnation and industrial wood processing

Bochemit Antiflash

Bochemit Antiflash - fire protection

Water dilutable concentrate used as a fire retardant with preventive protection of timber against wood decaying fungi and insect.

Bochemit Bluestop M

Bochemit Bluestop M - against blueing, temporary protection of freshly sawn wood

Against sap stains; temporary wood protection during transport and storage

Bochemit Forte Profi

Bochemit Forte Profi - protection of wood in contact with ground

A modern wood preservative used for the preventive protection of wood against biotic infestation. The Bochemit Forte Profi treated wood is especially suitable for use in exterior applications, particularly wherever the wood is in direct contact with soil. The preservative is unextractible from the wood by water

Bochemit QB Profi

Bochemit QB Profi - long lasting protection against mildews, wood-destroying fungi and insects

A concentrated with water dilutable wood preservative. The product has been designed for impregnation of construction timber for interior and exterior applications. When used in the exterior, it is recommend apply the product using the method of long term soaking or apply a finishing coat. The product provides the timber with long term protection against wood decaying insects, wood decaying fungi and mildew.


Wood impregnation and its use

Examples of objects treated with Bochemit.


Impregnation of wood and possibilities of its use

Find answers to questions about the effectiveness of wood preservation and its application.

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