Protection and impregnation of wood


Wood application classes

Wood and wood-based products are in their use exposed to different levels of risk.  The risk of attacking by biological wood pests such as wood decaying fungi and wood-destroying insects, grows with the effects of weather conditions to which the material is exposed. Standard ČSN EN 335- defines five classes representing various wood exposures. 

Use class Description  Pests Examples of wood application


Wood is under shelter, fully protected against weather conditions, not exposed to moisture


timber roof, floor boards, battens, carpentry and joinery timber


Wood is under shelter, fully protected against weather conditions; ambient humidity or vapour condensation may lead to occasional increase of wood moisture

insect, fungi

construction timber, cladding, roof timber with increased risk of condensation


Wood is under in exterior above the ground, repeatedly exposed to increased humidity

insect, fungi

exterior timber, ceilings, peripheral structures, roof shingles, railings, fence boards


Wood is in permanent contact with the ground or fresh water, exposed to moisture effects

insect, fungi

electricity poles, sound barriers , wooden foundations, children's playgrounds, pillars, bridge structures


Wood is constantly exposed to sea

water marine pests, fungi

pillars, piers, jetties, boat hulls

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