Hop garden columns preserved with Bochemit Forte Profi

Hop garden columns preserved with Bochemit Forte Profi

Wooden columns are the basic and the most important element of the hop garden construction. Service life of the hop garden is commonly over 20 years, and it is necessary to preserve the columns to provide their function for growing the typically Czech green gold – quality material for the production of popular beer. ...>

Reconstruction of historical town hall in Wallachian Open Air Museum

Town hall in Open Air Museum - wood impregnation

Historical facility of Rožnov town hall from 1770 in Wallachian Open Air Museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, where the experts proved the active attack from ligniperdous insect, went through emergency hot-air reconstruction in 2016. Further prevention was successfully provided by Bochemit QB Profi. ...>

Summer Residence was treated with Bochemit from the roof to the pool

The summer residence in west Bulgaria in the town of Dupnitsa (also Dupnica) was treated for the protection and aesthetic effect with Bochemit. Dupnitsa is also called "Little Italia“ and it no surprise the investor chose the place.. Bochemit was recommended by the construction workers. ...>

The reconstruction of burnt Libušín requires Bochemit

Almost 120 old chalet Libušín in Pustevnách in Moravian-Silesian Beskids is known by the tourists and also the admirers of architect Dušan Jurkovič. In 2014, this national cultural heritage suffered a destructive fire. The chalet has been literally raising from the ashes from summer 2017. Bochemit QB Profi has been used to help the experts. ...>


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