Bochemit Forte used to treat the church roof in the village of Strei

Strei Church is a priceless landmark in Transylvania, Romania, where it forms part of a famed archaeological site. The first documentation mentioning the church dates back to 1392. Preservationists have repeatedly worked to restore the landmark. The wood used to reconstruct the roof was pre-treated using Bochemit Forte Profi. ...>

Pressure impregnation of children playgrounds with Bochemit Forte Profi

The professionals use Bochemit Forte Profi for the preservation of building structres, fences, gazebos, and other wooden elements in contact with the ground. Treated wood with this agent is also appreciated by smaller suppliers of children playgrounds, terraces, and garden furniture. The example is Dřevovýroba Václav Vaněk from Soběslav. ...>

Roof trusses of the Bethlehem Chapel in Prague protected by Bochemit Opti F

In June 2017 work began to restore the roof of the Bethlehem Chapel in Prague. This extraordinarily important national cultural monument particularly needed its roof trusses repairing, roofing tiles replaced and new flashing fitted. The work also included the chemical treatment of the timber parts of the roof trusses. The contractors did this using Bochemit Opti F. ...>

Summer Residence was treated with Bochemit from the roof to the pool

The summer residence in west Bulgaria in the town of Dupnitsa (also Dupnica) was treated for the protection and aesthetic effect with Bochemit. Dupnitsa is also called "Little Italia“ and it no surprise the investor chose the place.. Bochemit was recommended by the construction workers. ...>


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