Bulgarian Rila Monastery, UNESCO Heritage is protected by Bochemit Antiflash

Rila Monastery is the most recognised monastery in Bulgaria. It is considered to be the holiest location for Bulgarian Orthodox Church and it is listed on UNESCO World Heritage List. In 2016, the fire protection was improved due to treatment with Bochemit Antiflash.

The current monastery was built in 1335 and it helped to maintain national and religious traditions. The exterior resembles a fortress, the courtyard and the interiors are magnificently decorated.  The whole premises are located on 8 800 m2. The Rila Monastery is often compared to St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome due to its spiritual, cultural, and historical significance.

All wooden parts of the Bulgarian site were treated with fire protection Bochemit Antiflash. The treatment with the paint was performed gradually whilst the Monastery was open between 2008 and 2016. It was used for treating hundreds of square meters of wooden elements. The Monastery management decided to use Bochemit Antiflash based on a verified effects of Bochemit Antiflash.

Bochemit Antiflash reduces the flammability of wood by reducing the speed of burning and flame extension on the wood surface. The effective substances start decomposing after heating to inflammable gas substances.  They are released from the surface of treated wood to the area and dilute oxygen required for burning to the level it is insufficient for the flame spreading.  The heating of treated wood also forms a foamy insulation layer on the surface and it prevents direct contact of the flame with the wooden surface. It again slows down the burning and accelerates the formation of carbonised layer of wood which has thermal insulation effects, and also prevents further flame spreading.

Further information on  www.rilamonastery.pmg-blg.com

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