Gates protected by Bochemit Forte Profi – both inside and outside the Wallachian region

FREDOS spol. s r.o. was founded in 1995 in the town of Vsetín. Since its foundation, the company has been commissioned to build a host of wooden structures and supply wooden products, originally within the Wallachia region, later extending to the whole of Moravia, and in recent times across the whole of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. As part of its standard offering, the company produces, sells and assembles wooden garden fixtures (palisades, fences, stakes), including custom-built wooden structures (detached houses, cottages, gazebos, sheds, terraces, etc.).

The company primarily processes wood for ground-contact use, making it more prone to biotic agents such as wood-decaying insects, mould and pests. As a result, wood is treated using Bochemit Forte Profi as part of a vacuum-pressure impregnation process. “We use Bochemit Forte Profi in its brown edition, which gives our products a distinctive brown tint. This impregnation product is used across our range because it is among the market leaders. It is effective in the long-term preventive protection of timber against wood-decaying insects and fungi. We put great emphasis on preventive pest control, and our customers place a high value on high-quality impregnation at an affordable price,” says Jaroslav Kocurek, the company’s Managing Director.

Entrance gates are just one of the company’s end products, with examples including the enormous gate to the Semetín Arboretum and the fenced gate to the fortified house in the village of Divice (Louny district). This stronghold, which dates back to the 14th century, is now in private hands. A further notable example is found in the stylish Wallachian gates.

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