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Protection and impregnation of wood

Hop garden columns preserved with Bochemit Forte Profi

Hop garden columns preserved with Bochemit Forte Profi

Considering the long service of the hop garden, it is necessary to preserve the basic elements of its structure. It is important to minimize the damage of the columns from mould and ligniperdous fungi. The hop garden columns are almost solely made from spruce, in case of Hop Growing Žatec they are divided in two categories: Central columns – pressure impregnated and peripheral columns – pressure impregnated and perforated. Perforation means that openings, three millimetres in diameter, are drilled in the lower part of the column approximately one meter from the column foot for better penetration of the preservation substance. Hop Growing, association Žatec has cooperated with Impregnace Soběslav s.r.o. The company has been providing its customers with experience in wood preservation lasting over 100 years. Hop Growing, association Žatec has been satisfied with this cooperation also because Impregnace Soběslav uses Bochemit Forte Profi. It is completely appropriate for the protection of the hop garden columns. After many years of experience with the use of preserved columns from various suppliers, the hop growing companies can asses the quality sufficiently.

Further information is available from CHMELAŘSTVÍ, družstvo Žatec.


Řez chmelnicovým sloupem impregnovaný Bochemitem Forte Profi

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