Roof trusses of the Bethlehem Chapel in Prague protected by Bochemit Opti F

In June 2017 work began to restore the roof of the Bethlehem Chapel in Prague. This extraordinarily important national cultural monument particularly needed its roof trusses repairing, roofing tiles replaced and new flashing fitted. The work also included the chemical treatment of the timber parts of the roof trusses. The contractors did this using Bochemit Opti F.

A significant part of Czech history is linked with the Bethlehem Chapel. The original chapel was established back in 1391. It was intended for priests who gave their sermons in the Czech language. Probably the most famous era in the chapel’s history is associated with the preaching of Master Jan Hus. And although the chapel gradually fell into disrepair and was even mostly demolished in the 18th century, today it is again a dignified place, the pride of Prague. The building is a national cultural monument and the conditions of its reconstruction are carefully monitored and controlled by the heritage authorities. Also, given the fact that it is situated in Prague’s Old Town amidst all the tourists, the contractors had to work as efficiently as possible when restoring the roof of the Bethlehem Chapel.

BÁČA, Polička s.r.o. has worked on treating the roof trusses of old buildings for around 60 years. Those above the main building of the Bethlehem Chapel consist of a pair of saddle roofs with a common middle trough. This is a purlin truss, where the main supporting structure comprises a purlin bolted together from beams and planks. The purlin is designed as a simple straining beam, which bears the ceiling structure. The roof above the annex is an aisle-type purlin. As it has many years of experience, the firm made successful use of Bochemit Opti F to chemically treat and protect the wood.

Further information is available from BÁČA, Polička s.r.o., Ing. Stanislav Urban – authorised agent

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