Thousands of columns for ČEZ are treated with Bochemit Forte Profi

Company IMPREGNACE Soběslav has been using Bochemit Forte Profi for the impregnation of wood. For the last three years it was used for the treatment of over six thousand spruce columns of outdoor electrical distribution lines for ČEZ.

The impregnation agent Bochemit Forte Profi has been used by IMPREGNACE Soběslav s.r.o. for many years for industrial vacuum-pressure impregnation of wood. From the end of 2014 it has been used for the protection of wooden spruce columns for ČEZ. During the former three years, the impregnation was used and supplied to ČEZ for over 6 400 columns (before the beginning of 2017). Until then, no complaints were raised considering the impregnated columns. The company views that as a proof of good quality impregnation substance. „We can state that unlike the competition impregnation substances used for industrial impregnation, Bochemit Forte Profi shows better effectiveness at lower concentration of the impregnation solution which was one of the significant reasons, including the affordability which all supported the use of this impregnation substance in our company,‘ stated Manager of Business Deprtament for IMPREGNACE Soběslav, Luboš Řehoř, adding that the company shall continue using the substance and would recommend the use to other companies in the field.    

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