Bochemie's own Research & Development

We are convinced that the key to success is the constant search for the best solutions. For this reason, the department of research and development is inextricably linked to our company.

Our roles

    A) the development of our current industry and support of our customers
  • product development and innovations
  • continuous improvement of manufacturing processes and technologies
  • application and technical advice to our customers
  • improving rendered services in line with our customers' requirements
    B) research and development in new areas
  • extension of the production programme of our company in new fields
  • search for new opportunities and development of advanced technologies
  • development and implementation of making new products

Our aim is to develop highly functional products made and subsequently processed as efficiently as possible. Our goal is not only to minimize our production costs and also those of our customers, but we also put emphasis on safety and environmental friendliness of the production and of the product itself.
In pursuit of our research and development goals, we cooperate with many domestic and foreign institutions, both from the academic and private sectors.
We develop efficient and environmentally friendly processes of processing traditional and alternative raw materials, aiming to produce products that bring benefits to us and to our customers!

Our experiences

Our research and development team consists of over 20 experienced professionals with knowledge of many branches of the chemical industry. The span of our professional capacities ranges from the development of detergents and disinfectants through recycling technologies to nanomaterials.  Our highly qualified staff are able to find smart and efficient solutions that are consistent with a responsible approach to the environment and with sustainable development.
We have managed to develop and produce a series of successful products that always respond to the current needs of our customers while bringing something new and beneficial. Their use is easy, safe and environmentally friendly.  Due to that, many of our products took a dominant market position in many European countries, and even determined the future shape of the entire product category.  Such a product is undoubtedly the cleaning and disinfecting agent Savo. Other our products have been successfully sold worldwide for almost half a century.  This is for instance the case ofour  Feropur - agent for the treatment of steel or accumulator materials suitable in extreme conditions. Our own disinfectant formulas are sold throughout Europe under various brands. 

Waste for some, valuable raw material for us!

We are able to process raw materials and materials that cause difficulty for our partners. We developed, built and launched for instance the world's unique technology for recycling ammonium perchlorate from expired rocket fuel.  Prior to its existence, old unused fuel used to be burnt in an expensive and not very environmentally friendly manner. The uniqueness of the technology is confirmed by the fact that it is patent protected nowadays.

Would you like to know more about Bochemie's research and development? Do you wish to know more about our experiences or ongoing projects? 

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Helena Bužgová
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