An aqueous solution of ferrates

Ferrates are among the strongest known oxidizers. Iron is present in those compounds in oxidation phase VI in which is highly reactive.  In solid form and dry condition, however, they are indefinitely storable.

Ferrate readily oxidizes (destroys) the present chemical and biological contaminants, thereby reducing itself to non-toxic and in-environment commonly occurring iron oxide, or rust.  Besides the oxidising properties of ferrate, during the disposal of contaminants in aqueous environment, the flocculation and adsorption properties of the originating oxide positively apply.  Although the colour of the ferrate is purple, it is a "pure green" decontamination agent.

Thanks to its properties, ferrate is a product completely unique that has a variety of potential applications:

  • water treatment, preparation of potable water, waste water treatment and stabilization of sewage sludge
  • disposal of fish parasites, viruses and bacteria
  • reducing the formation and growth of biofilms
  • animal waste processing
  • removing odours
  • soil remediation
  • decontamination technology - decomposition of toxic, hazardous and hardly degradable substances, including decontamination of chemical warfare agents
  • production of alkaline batteries and power cells
  • production of specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical products (organic oxidizing agent)

Currently, ferrate is a product hardly available on the market. Its price is too high and discourages from its real use; often even from the applied research itself. Our team of developers created a procedure in which ferrate with quality parameters can be produced at a significantly more favourable price comparing to that of the competitors. Our aim is to become a company in the ferrate market that accesses and develops the use of this unique product on a commercial scale.

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