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We believe that our knowledge and responsible action within the chemical industry will help sustainable development and hence we invest maximum effort into projects based on the recycling of raw materials and energy-saving technologies. We are dedicated to developing products that protect and enhance the environment. We have constantly been innovating our existing products so that they are extremely safe and ecological. The logic outcome of our focus on environmental protection is the involvement of the company in the Responsible Business in Chemistry - Responsible Care programme (since 1997). This is a global voluntary initiative of the chemical industry towards sustainable development, increasing the safety of facility operations, product transport, improvement of the protection of human health and the environment. The programme represents a long-term strategy coordinated by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), in Europe by the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) and in our country by the Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic.

Sustainable development goals:

As the industry leader we realize that our activity impacts society and the environment, and we feel a considerable commitment to both. At the same time we believe that in the long run, the company's growth and economic success can only be achieved if it is consistent with the behaviour accountable towards the surrounding environment.   Our work is based on fair approach to customers, employees and business partners. And based on our beliefs are the objectives of sustainable development that we have set:

  • adherence to the principles of ethical business
  • development of environment friendly products
  • systematic reduction of  production energy intensity
  • environmental protection
  • responsible management of waste and chemicals
  • recycling of packaging materials
  • protecting the health of employees and customers
  • occupational safety
    assistance in personal development, self-fulfilment and enhancement of employee skills

Environmental protection

We perceive environmental protection as an integral part of our work. The basis of our strategy is green projects that are focused on recycling, restoration and recovery of raw materials for other uses and development of new environmentally friendly technologies.  During the production process itself we insist on high environmental standards and comply with all requirements of the legislation in the field of environmental protection, waste and chemicals management.  Through innovation of production technology we have ensured production preventing leakage of harmful substances that corresponds with proper storage of materials. To ensurethat the water streams around the plant remain clean we have our own two-tier wastewater treatment plant. As concerns packaging materials, we cooperate with the company EKO-KOM that which ensures their return and recovery. Our company's focus on respectful behaviour towards the environment we live in has resulted in our engagement in the programme Responsible Care, Our Commitment to Sustainability.

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