Safe products

Safety data sheets to our products 

As a supplier, we provide our products with safety data sheets. They contain the identification of the producer and all of the data necessary for the protection of health and the environment.  They also provide important information such as legislation relating to substances, or information for their storage and transport.

Customer safe products

Our mission is to develop and produce useful products meeting the needs of customers for which use is safe and easy and that also save the environment.  The team of our Research Centre constantly works to ensure that all our products are as safe as possible when being used by our customers.

We adhere to strict requirements of all production processes established by the legislation, the fulfilment of which is subject to inspection by statutory authorities.  The relevant regulations cover the following areas:

  • water and air protection
  • handling waste and chemical substances
  • protection of health
  • improvement of process safety 
  • fire and emergency prevention

Health of our employees

We value our employees who are the main source of the company's success, and we create a work environment for them where they can feel comfortable.  We have constantly been improving the safety of the production process to which we have drawn up detailed safety documentation.  We are also regularly subject to inspections by government authorities.  However, the greatest emphasis is put on prevention.

Do you wish to know more about the safety of our productsor do you have other questions to ask? 

Please feel free to contact us.

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Ing. Magda Macháňová
Customer service
Phone: +420 596 091 299

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