HYDAL Biotechnology Holds Global Unveiling of the First Microplastic-Free Cosmetic Product

On Wednesday 10 October, a cosmetic product was unveiled to the public that marks a revolution in the circularisation of the cosmetics industry. 


We Supported the Social Car Project

The Čtyřlístek Children's Centre in Havířov, which provides children with comprehensive social, educational and health care, has been presented with the first free vehicle as part of the Social Car project.


Biotechnology Hydal – Press Conference release, June 20th 2018

On Wednesday, 20th of June, a press conference was held at the United Nations Information Centre in Prague where for the first time in history of the Czech Republic a unique biotechnology HYDAL has been introduced. 


Commitment to tradition

Bochemie has been building its know-how for over 110 years. Thanks to our intensive long-term research, the company has become a leading manufacturer of innovative products and specialty chemicals of various kinds, ranging from cleaning household and industry products, protection of wood components, to industrial batteries and metal coatings.

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Our responsibility

We perceive environmental protection as an integral part of our work. The basis of our strategy is green projects that are focused on the recycling, restoration and recovery of raw materials for other uses and development of new environmentally friendly technologies.

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