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Another Community Car in action, also thanks to Bochemie 3. 5. 2024

Once again, Bochemie has demonstrated its support for socially beneficial projects by making a financial contribution to the Community Car project and purchasing advertising space on the vehicle. The handover ceremony for the new Dacia Jogger took place on 27 March 2024 and the car was taken over by the Pluto Children's Centre in Havířov.

Thanks to the continuous support of Bochemie, community vehicles have been purchased in the past and are now successfully being used in Bohumín and Karviná. This is the third car that is running in Havířov as a result of the project, ensuring better accessibility and effective assistance to people who depend on others. This is yet another way how Bochemie is trying to promote the quality of life in the region and support important social services.

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