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Bochemie are the long-standing sponsors of civic association SDO Brontosauři 11. 8. 2020

SDO Brontosauři, a civic association based in Ostrava - Kunčičky, aims to bring children, young people and adults together through nature conservation, horse breeding and promoting a healthy way of life. The association has set up the programme in a way that actively engages children, young people and adults with disabilities, thus helping them to become fully involved in civic life. Since 2010, the association has also encompassed the Foster Club”, which helps children housed in residential infant care institutions, children's homes and hospices to find surrogate parents or foster parents, while also lending a helping hand to those foster parents and families. For instance, they help children to acclimatise” to their new families and provide common leisure facilities, education and treatment for children who are trying to overcome the difficult set of challenges that they face through no fault of their own. The aim is for these children to be given a fulfilling life within their foster families.

With our help, the Foster Club has also purchased and operates a new Ford motor vehicle to transport the children. Another of the association’s projects - the DVOREČEK Centre” - has built new stables for pony breeding.

For more information about this association, visit http://www.sdo.cz/.

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