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Bochemie celebrates its 120th birthday! 12. 1. 2024

Did you know that Bochemie has been a part of Bohumín since 1904, i.e., exactly 120 years this year? How many Bohumín residents have passed through its gates in all those years?

This event is an opportunity for us not only to look back on our achievements, but also to look forward to other activities that will follow during the year and be tied to this anniversary. As a first step, we have prepared a wall calendar for our employees, which we believe will be not only a practical tool for them, but also a reminder of our journey together.

Discover with us the journey of Bochemie - our 120 years of innovation and success. And follow us so that you don't miss any information about us, our history and our current activities, not only in connection with this wonderful anniversary.

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