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Benefits and social programmes

We provide our employees with stable employment with an appropriate motivational salary and a system of employee benefits:


A daily contribution equal to 50 % of the price of lunch for all employees in a modern refurbished canteen with a choice of several served hot meals or cold meals from a vending machine, which is available non-stop, i.e. also for night and weekend shifts, including the chance to use a vending machine for food and drinks.

25 days of holiday

One week’s holiday in addition to the state-guaranteed four weeks for all employees so you get a nice 25 days off work each year.

Cafeteria – your wishes come true

For all employees up to CZK 10,000 a year for activities related to sport, wellness, healthcare, travel. Anything that you and your family members want to choose that is part of the Benefit Plus offer. Everyone can find something – the range of benefits is really wide.

Flexible working hours and part-time work

Great for work-life balance.

Education support

For motivated colleagues who understand the need for life-long learning we provide:

  • language courses, 
  • legislative training events,
  • vocational training.


  • Special rewards for exceptional performance
  • Rewards for innovative ideas as part of the suggestions initiative
  • Christmas and annual rewards according to the company’s performance
  • Reward to mark life and work anniversaries
  • Reward for years of service to the company
  • Reward at the end of employment on retirement depending on the number of years of service

Care for employees

  • Payment by the employer of all occupational healthcare costs, including specialist examinations in collaboration with the company doctor.
  • Free legal service to all employees provided by our corporate lawyer.
  • Free work clothing and all necessary protective work equipment and their regular replacement.
  • Additional healthcare for employees – provision of respiratory protection and disinfectants.
  • Provision of a regular drinking regime for employees on hot summer days in the form of ionic drinks to ensure the necessary level of ions and minerals.

Social programmes

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

The Bochemie solidarity programme to support socially disadvantaged employees and/or their families.

Employees of our company can directly suggest a particular colleague to be included in this solidarity programme. From the people put forward the company management selects a maximum of ten colleagues to receive an additional CZK 10,000 in their B-account (cafeteria) in a particular year.

The funds are then used in the normal way and it is up to the recipient what they are used for depending on their specific needs. This could be, for example, for buying medicines at the chemist’s, paying for clubs, language courses or summer camps for their children, buying books and textbooks, paying for driving lessons, a stay in a spa, buying glasses, dental care, vaccinations, etc. or simply for a nice holiday to recharge.

Work isn’t everything

A programme to support employees’ leisure and volunteer activities.

The programme is for all colleagues who in their free time are actively involved in various leisure and volunteer activities and submit a proposal to include their project in our programme. The company management will select one or more of the most interesting or needed ones from the proposals that are submitted. The maximum amount of support is CZK 50,000/year. The amount can also be divided between several projects. In 2020, we supported scouts, volleyball players, TIP KICK table football, the MILI FEST association and Dragon Boats.

Corporate evening

The ideal time to end the working year, for the management’s thanks for the results achieved, for awarding the personalities and team of the year, the best suggestions coming out of the suggestions initiative and awarding the title of Clean Workplace. Over good food and drink, with lots of fun and a light-hearted atmosphere we get to know each other better and strengthen team spirit and our working and non-working relationships.

Other benefits

  • The chance to rent a company car for private purposes.
  • The chance to have a favourable tariff for calls and the internet on your mobile phone.

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