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Chemistry Helps 14. 1. 2022

When you hear the word chemistry”, what do you think of? For us and the Association of Chemical Industry, it means a leading scientific and industrial realm whose discoveries and findings have shaped today is society. Chemistry also offers solutions to present-day challenges, such as how to sustain economic growth while also protecting the environment.

But chemistry is also all around us. We drink chemically regulated water. And if it were not for chemical reactions we would not have cheese, beer, wine, yeast, sauerkraut or yoghurt. We use chemicals to disinfect our hands and spaces. Detectives use chemicals to solve crimes. And chemicals process fuel, plastic, colours and medicines from crude oil.

From this perspective, the Chemistry Helps” platform feeds into the debate about the meaning and role of chemicals in today is world. And that is where Bochemit come in.

This campaign will raise awareness through a series of online banners redirecting to the Association of Chemical Industry website. On this webpage you will find images that you can click on for more information on a particular issue, each containing further click-throughs to each producer is own website. For instance, the roof trusses image will redirect you to our website www.bochemit.eu.

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