Our industry

Jakub Machine mechanic

In 2011, I joined the maintenance department as a machine mechanic and started working on repairing machines and equipment. After about 3 years, I switched to adjusters - after initial training I started to carry out adjustment and repairs of all the machines used for the production of chemical specialties. Specifically, filling machines, screw machines, steam tunnels, conveyor belts, labelers and pumps, pneumatic cylinders, or other parts of the production lines. At the same time, I still do routine work in the locksmith shop, such as repairing plastic pipes or replacing gearboxes and pneumatic cylinders. In 2012, I joined the company's volunteer fire department as a firefighter, and in 2016 I became the fire chief. I thus participate in the provision of fire protection in the company, ensure the readiness of the department for action and also act as a prevention officer of the department.

I enjoy working in the company, it is an interesting job, I get to work on different types of machines and their repairs, so the work is not monotonous. I see a great benefit in a very good team and friendly atmosphere, including a supportive attitude from the foreman. Everything can always be discussed and agreed.

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