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Recipients of our support known within employee-targeted sponsoring 22. 3. 2021

At the end of last year, we developed and introduced two new sponsoring programmes targeted at our employees, namely the You Have Got a Friend in Need” and More to Life than Work” programmes. Until the end of February, employees were able to send their suggestions to the company’s management, and now the recipients of our support are known.

We received three applications in the You Have Got a Friend in Need programme, all of which were approved and the selected colleagues have already been informed. You can believe that all of them were very surprised and touched. They would like to offer their warmest thanks especially to you, their colleagues in the right place, who see with your heart!

We received five applications in the More to Life than Work programme, all of which were also approved. This year we will support scouts, volleyball players, TIP KICK table football, the MILI FEST association and Dragon Boats.

We believe that our support will help not only our colleagues in difficult life situations to better cope with and overcome everything, but also our colleagues who get involved in their free time for the benefit of others in the further development of their meritorious activities.

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