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We Continue to Support Monument Conservation 24. 2. 2022

In 2022, we will continue to direct funds to projects aimed at conserving and reconstructing heritage buildings. Historical wooden structures and elements stand as irreplicable proof of our ancestors’ craftsmanship and feel for aesthetics. Using Bochemit impregnation products, we are dedicated to protecting new wood from pests and rehabilitating infested structures including heritage buildings that are so often invaluable.

For the sixth year running, we are working with the Czech Institute for Monuments and Culture. This non-profit organisation runs the PROPAMÁTKY website, organises conferences, undertakes the cultural heritage funding project MÁME VYBRÁNO and offers advice in funding monument restoration projects. Besides our shared belief in the importance of caring for our monuments, we also support the Institute because of its social function, employing people whose health conditions make it more difficult to find work.

You can read all about Bochemit’s protection here

 Photographer: Martin Volejník.

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