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Another Community Car with Our Support 14. 10. 2019

This year, Bochemie clubbed together with nearly thirty other sponsors to purchase a new car for handicapped children at the SALOME - Slezská Diakonie centre in Bohumín.

The vehicle was donated to this social care organisation services in Bohumín as part of the ”Community Car scheme run by the agency Kompakt. This brand new Dacia Dokker will be used mainly by patients attending the morning care clinic and by other children visiting the facility. It will also allow us to take small groups away on trips, said Martina Venglářová, director of the Salome’s Bohumín centre.

This is the second time that Bochemie has lent its support to this project, with the first car continuing to operate in Havířov, with our support, since last year.

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