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Bochemit at the Timber Construction and Roofing Festival 2019 17. 10. 2019

At Bochemit we understand wood. So we weren’t going to miss out on last weekend’s Wooden Construction and Roofing Festival which NEMA, spol. s r.o., a company based in Olešnice, South Bohemia, hosted and organised for its commercial partners hailing from a host of timber construction and roofing firms and for the general public.

Visitors were invited to listen in on specialist indoor lectures by the Association of Prefab Home Suppliers and the Timber Research and Development Institute, among others, on topics such as how to get a foothold in the timber construction market, the unique nature of timber construction and structures, and timber building regulations. Useful information was also provided by manufacturers of timber construction materials. At Bochemit’s stand, we highlighted the importance of impregnation why it should not be taken lightly, as well as advice on how to do it correctly.

Having started out as a small family-owned joinery and carpentry firm, NEMA, spol. s r.o. is now a leader in the manufacture and supply of timber roofing structures and panel systems for prefab wooden buildings.

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