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Kristýna Accountant

I have been working at Bochemie as an Independent Professional Accountant since the beginning of 2023. In the previous year, I completed my Master's degree at the Faculty of Economics at the Technical University of Ostrava (VŠB-TU), specializing in accounting and taxation. I have also already had experience from several trainee programs that I have completed in a bank, in the accounting department of an automotive company and in financial auditing.

I see accounting and financial reporting in Bochemie as an interesting and complex task. I have to look at my work both in detail, for example when issuing invoices or posting individual invoices received, and from a larger perspective, because it is a group, a consolidated group that includes Bochemie as the parent company and several subsidiaries based in different countries around the world. I therefore focus on the individual links between the companies in the Group and the subsequent consolidation of the accounts of all the companies, which leads to the preparation of consolidated financial statements.

At Bochemie I have the opportunity to learn new things, gain valuable experience and develop my skills and analytical thinking.

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