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Lukáš Junior energy specialist

I joined Bochemie in February 2023 as a junior energy specialist, shortly after I graduated from Technical University of Ostrava (VŠB-TU), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering with a degree in Power Engineering. The HR department received my CV from the recruitment agency and I was subsequently invited for an interview. Firstly, I was given a more detailed introduction to the company, what they do and where I could go within the company. After the interview I was hired and became part of the Technology Management department.

At first, I was in charge of simpler sub-tasks that allowed me to get to know the company, the technology and my colleagues. These included, for example, creating a scale floor plan of existing buildings, designing a battery storage system, and calculating and designing photovoltaic power plant. At the beginning everything was new to me and therefore more difficult to navigate. Thanks to more experienced and helpful colleagues who advised me on who to go to with the issue, I managed everything.

As time went on, the tasks became more complicated and the scope of my portfolio expanded. I also visited the German subsidiary GAZ. After half a year in Bochemie, I was offered to become the project manager for the construction of new central changing rooms, laboratories and a modern administration building.

It is an interesting, responsible and flexible job where you are partly in the office and partly on the construction site or in meetings outside the company. It's not easy, but thanks to the great team of experienced colleagues I have access to, together we face new challenges, opportunities, ideas and obstacles that need to be dealt with in the best possible way and that keep us moving forward. And on these construction projects, things change every day.

What I really enjoy about my job is that I get to work with smart and capable people among my colleagues. My line manager helps me a lot and I can come to him at any time with anything, this person really keeps a good track of everything. What is also great is that my work is not monotonous and the result is visible after each week.

Probably the most important thing for working at Bochemie is not to be afraid to work, to come up with new ideas, to communicate and to use common sense.

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