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Štěpán Electrode assembly lines adjuster

I joined Bochemie in 2018 as a chemist in the production of electrode plates for industrial batteries. As time went on, I went through several centers of this production, i.e., I learned to operate the relevant machines at different stages of the production process. First there were the perforating machines, which perforate the steel strip from which the electrodes for our industrial batteries are produced in the next step. I also received training and worked on the filling lines where the aforementioned electrode plates are produced, as well as on stack assembly. I also had the opportunity to experience battery production directly at our subsidiary GAZ in Germany. Today I work on the positive electrode assembly line as an adjuster.

For me personally it is important that I enjoy my work. Because I have worked on multiple operations, it is not boring. Equally important is the stability of the job, for which I don't have to commute far. In addition, the supervisors here are human and the workplace atmosphere is friendly.

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